Head of Careers: Mrs Kim Cappleman

We recognise that school is a stepping stone on the path to the wider world and therefore careers advice plays an important role at Farnborough Hill. Our students can have confidence that important decisions about their future are guided, supported and well-informed. The Head of Careers runs a rigorous and dedicated department, delivering a personal, structured service with great attention to detail. Students are given individual attention and consultation at all the important stages. We have All-In membership of The Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO), part of The Inspiring Futures Foundation.  Every student becomes a member of the Futurewise scheme for careers information, advice and guidance.  This service extends to her 23rd birthday.

The school encourages students to assess their abilities and talents and make use of all the resources available to help them. The School Library has a wide range of books on Careers, Higher Education and Gap Year which can be borrowed.

In Years 7 - 11 our aim is to give the students access to an extensive selection of information and enable them to develop their decision-making skills. Other life-skills are nurtured to give the students a solid foundation for their professional lives.

Year 8

  • Take Our Daughters to Work - an annual opportunity aimed at introducing girls to the work place which takes place during the Easter Holiday.

Year 9

  • Introduction to Careers Room and facilities
  • Programme, involving Head of Careers and Year Tutors, about Option Choices for GCSE
  • Introduction to GCSE Programme Evening for Parents - Presentations by Headmistress, Deputy Head, Year Head and Head of Careers.

Year 10

  • Distribution of information about ISCO Careers Guidance Scheme to parents
  • Presentation by ISCO Director at Parents' Evening
  • ISCO Director and Head of Careers at Parents' Evening for consultation
  • Futurewise for whole year

Year 11

  • Feedback session on Futurewise Profiles
  • Individual interviews with Head of Careers or ISCO Director
  • ISCO Director and Head of Careers attend Parents' Evening for consultation
  • Work Experience Programme at end of Summer Term

Sixth Form

Planning for university entrance and future careers are supported by a guidance programme. All sixth form students have as many individual interviews as necessary with the Head of Careers and their tutor. There is also designated curriculum time in the Sixth Form where students are fully prepared in their decision-making process. Our service makes use of links with Higher Education.

Year 12

  • New entrants to school do Futurewise
  • Information about Expanding Horizons courses circulated. Students encouraged to attend
  • Study skills programme taken by Tutors
  • Coursefinder taken by all pupils
  • Individual interviews with Head of Careers
  • Follow-up interviews throughout Sixth Form career
  • Higher Education Evening with visiting experts
  • Students encouraged to devise their own Action Plan
  • Head of Careers present at Parents' Evening for consultation
  • Higher Education Programme over the Spring and Summer Terms

Year 13

  • Tutors and Head of Sixth Form deal with UCAS applications as early as possible
  • Close monitoring of students' progress - follow-up interviews and consultation
  • For those not entering Higher Education, support for their next step
  • Interview Technique Evening with visiting, experienced interviewers
  • Head of Careers at Parents' Evening for consultation
  • Support/Advice following A2 level results
  • Individual counselling and close monitoring after results