Heads of Year

A great deal of emphasis is placed on pastoral care. We are entirely committed to providing an environment that inspires warmth, confidence, creativity and personal development in all our girls. Our Heads of Year care for the girls, supported by our Matron and Chaplain. Individually planned help is available for girls needing extra support with learning and study.

The six Heads of Year lie at the heart of the Farnborough Hill pastoral care system.  When a student arrives at the school, she comes under the care not only of a Form Tutor, who changes every year, but also a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for her well-being over several years.

Mrs Colleen Swire and Mrs Emily-Jayne Harrison  are our heads of the Lower School and take it in turns to welcome our new intake of Year 7s.  They stay with their year group for the next two years, helping them to settle in and negotiate the pitfalls of secondary school.  Then, in Year 9, the girls have a different Head of Year (Mrs Laura Evans-Jones or Mrs Vivian McCarthy) to see them through the process of choosing their GCSE options and then starting these courses in Year 10.  They are then handed on to Mrs Lynda Hooper for Year 11 who mentors them and monitors their progress up to those crucial GCSE examinations.  She also oversees the A level choices programme, with the Head of Sixth Form, so preparing them for Sixth Form study.

The Head of Sixth Form is Mr Craig McCready who takes Year 12 and 13 students on through their A levels and, with the help of Mrs Kim  Cappleman, our Head of Careers, sets them on the path to the right university.  

The great advantage of this system is the continuity it provides.  Our Heads of Year work together as a close team and get to know the girls in their care, and their parents, very well.  They act as the first point of contact for parental concerns and deal with a great range of academic, personal, social and disciplinary issues.