Matrons: Mrs Nicola Walker (pictured); Mrs Frances Clark

A qualified School Matron is available full-time during school hours in case of illness or accident.  Students who become unwell in school can go to Matron.  She decides on an appropriate course of action.  If necessary, she will contact parents to make arrangements for the student to be collected and taken home.  Any queries that concern a girl's general health can be made to Matron and she will endeavour to help at all times

Arrangements for Medicines in School

Pills and Tablets: No student may carry pills or tablets etc around the school. If she needs to take medicine in school she should give this to Matron, with a signed medicine consent form (download form below), and go to Matron for the prescribed dose.
Asthmatics: Asthmatics are an exception to this rule and students should carry their inhalers with them at all times and keep a spare up-to-date one in the infirmary at all times.
Anaphylaxsis: Pupils prone to anaphylaxsis must keep one EpiPen with them and one in the infirmary together with a signed EpiPen consent form (download form below). 
Diabetes: Diabetic girls should keep their own dextrose tablets with them and also keep a supply of dextrose or glucogel with Matron in the Infirmary.