RE, Philosophy and Ethics

Mrs Maria Davy (Head of Department)  BA (Surrey), PGCE (St Mary's)
Mrs Vivian McCarthy BA (Cork), PGCE (Oxon)
Mrs Colleen Swire BEd (St Mary's, Belfast)
Mr Ralph Wellington BA (Exeter), PGCE (Birmingham)

I think, therefore I am...

René Descartes.

Farnborough Hill's RE, Philosophy and Ethics Department is a lively, creative and academic department. Four full-time specialists teach this subject throughout the school. Religious Education is part of the school's core curriculum and all students study this subject throughout their school career.

Just as students bring their own religious and cultural traditions to the classroom, so we bring them out to meet the faith traditions of others. In Year 7, students visit the Hindu Temple in Neasden, Year 8 visit St Michael's Abbey and Year 9 visit a mosque. In Year 10 we go to on a Jewish Living Tour to support the GCSE specification. While much of our syllabus is focused on Christianity, we encourage - and indeed expect - our students to respect people of all faiths and none.

Our aim is that students will enjoy 'thinking about thinking', become religiously literate, learn to question and to think for themselves, and so be assisted in developing intellectually, spiritually and morally.