Teaching Staff

Mrs Alexandra Neil BA (Soton) MA (Oxford Brookes) PGCE (Canterbury Christ Church)  Head                 
Mrs Anne Griffiths BEd (Roehampton Institute) MA (Surrey) NPQH Deputy Head - Academic
Miss Pippa Sexton BA (Swansea) MA (Hertfordshire), PGCE (Oxon) Deputy Head - Pastoral
Mr Jeremy Hoar BA (Hull) PGCE (Soton) Assistant Head - Assessment & Reporting
Mr Craig McCready BSc PGCE (The Queen's University of Belfast) Assistant Head - Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Elizabeth Aitchison BA QTS (Chichester) Physical Education
Miss Denise Andrews BSc (Cardiff) PGCE (Homerton) Biology, Chemistry
Mrs Alexandra Barker BSc (Bath) PGCE (Kingston) Mathematics, Careers
Miss Pippa Bartlett BA PGCE (Oxon) Mathematics
Mrs Susan Batt BSc (Glasgow) QTS (GTP) Computing, Information Technology
Mrs Katherine Bell BA (Bristol) PGCE (Soton) History
Mrs Sarah Bond BA (Soton) CertEd (Sheffield Hallam) Art & Design, Design Technology
Mr Alec Bouton BMus (Surrey) Music Technology
Mrs Joanne Brereton BA (Soton) PGCE (Reading) Geography
Dr Milly Bright BSc (Sierra Leone) MSc PhD (Birmingham) Chemistry
Mr Philip Butler BA, PGCE (Reading) Classics, Latin
Mrs Georgina Brocklehurst BSc (UWIST) PGCE (OU) Mathematics
Mrs Olivia Brophy BSc (LSE) PGCE (Institute of Education) English
Mrs Rosemary Byrne BA (South Glamorgan Institute) Art Teacher's Certificate (Goldsmith's College) Art & Design
Mrs Sarah Campbell BA (Dunelm) PGCE (Oxon) English
Mrs Susana Camprubí-Reches BA (Barcelona) MEd (Cardiff) PGCE (Barcelona) Spanish
Mrs Kim Cappleman BSc (Exeter) QTS (GTP) Mathematics
Miss Emma Casey BA (Exeter) PGCE (Roehampton) French, Spanish
Miss Helen Clutterbuck BSc PGCE (Warwick) Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Mrs Jenny Cornelius-Green BSc PGCE (Brunel) Physical Education
Mrs K Davis BSc (London) PGCE (Surrey) Mathematics
Mrs Maria Davy BA (Surrey) PGCE (St Mary's) RE, Philosophy & Ethics
Mrs Helen De Mattos BA PGCE (Roehampton) MA (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) Drama
Mrs Beverley Dunnage BA (Birmingham) PGCE (Soton)    Geography
Miss Victoria Ellender BSc (St Mary's) PGCE (Brunel) Physical Education
Mrs Laura Evans-Jones BA (Royal Holloway) PGCE (Roehampton) English
Mrs Ludivine Fitzwater Licence (Valenciennes), QTS (CiLT) French
Mr Peter Forrest-Biggs MA (London) QTS (CfBT) Classics
Mrs Lesley Gildea BA, PGCE (York) MSc (Edinburgh) History
Mr Philip Gillingham BA (Reading) PGCE (Bath) History, Government & Politics
Mrs Anne Goddard BEd (Bath) Design & Technology
Mrs Madeline Greene Lally BA (Queen Mary & Westfield College) MSc (UCL) English
Mr Simon Haddock BSc (UEA) PGCE (Institute of Education) Psychology
Miss Emily-Jayne Harrison BA QTS (Brighton) Physical Education
Mrs Suzanne Hayes BSc (Leicester) PGCE (Ripon & York St John) Biology
Mrs Susannah Haynes BSc (Imperial) PGCE (Reading) Chemistry, Physics
Mrs Lynda Hooper BSc (Liverpool) QTS (GTP) Mathematics
Mrs Rachel Inman BA (UCL) PGCE (University of Buckingham) English
Mrs Katja Jackson BEd (Bedford College) Physical Education
Mr Andy Johnson BA (University of the Creative Arts) Graphics
Mr Keith Johnson MA (Cantab) DipEd (Oxon) Greek, Latin
Miss Faye Kelsey BA QTS (St Mary's) Physical Education
Mr Tinu Kurian BCom (Mahatma Gandhi, India) AdvDip (Cantab) PGCE (Canterbury Christ Church) Mathematics
Mrs Camilla Lawson BA (W Surrey College of Art and Design) Art & Design
Ms Lina Lee MA (Ufa, Russia) German
Mrs Vivian McCarthy BA (Cork) PGCE (Oxon) RE, Philosophy & Ethics, History
Mr Matthew McCarthy-Brown BSc PGCE (Exeter) Computing, Information Technology
Mr Emanuele Maccherini BA MA (Siena) PGCE (Cantab) Classics
Mrs Sue Macey BSc (UMIST) PGCE (Cantab) Chemistry
Miss Lucy Miller BA (Reading) PGCE (UWE) Economics, Business
Mrs Jane Nash BSocSc (Birmingham) Economics
Mrs Jaimee Nix BEd (Winchester) Design and Technology, Information Technology
Miss Danni O'Laoire MA (Nottingham) PGCE (King's) Classics
Mrs Anna Payne BSc (BCHE) PGCE (Bristol) Geography
Mrs Claire Peilow BA (Exeter) QTS (UEL) Drama
Miss Katriona Pengelley BA (Nottingham) MA PGCE (Institute of Education) Classical Civilisation, History
Miss Rebecca Peters BSc (Cardiff), PGCE (Institute of Education) Mathematics
Mrs Joanne Quinlan BA (Luton) PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan) Spanish, German, French
Dr James Quinnell BA (Winchester) MA PhD (Dunelm) PGCE (Lancaster) English
Dr Simon Rawle MA DPhil (Oxon) PGCE (Kingston) Physics
Miss Hannah Rowsell BA (Exeter) PGCE (Oxon) Geography 
Mrs Anne Smith MA PGCE (Cantab) Mathematics
Mrs Lynn Storrie BSc (Salford) PGCE (Manchester) Biology
Mrs Colleen Swire BEd (St Mary's, Belfast) RE, Philosophy & Ethics
Dr Ian Taylor BA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon) Music
Mr Scott Temple MChem PGCE (Sussex) Chemistry
Dr Andrew Tytko BSc PhD (Leeds) MA (Dunelm) PGCE (Kingston) Business, Economics
Miss Lucy Warwick BMus DipABRSM (Manchester), PGCE Music, Music Technology
Mr Ralph Wellington BA (Exeter) PGCE (Birmingham) RE, Philosophy & Ethics
Mr Nicholas White MA (Cranfield) DipM Business
Miss Polly White BA (UCL) PGCE (King's) French, Spanish
Mrs Lori Winch-Johnson BA (Hertfordshire) MSc PGCE (Surrey) CCRS, DipPerfCoach (Newcastle) English, Drama, Learning Support
Dr Christina Wood BSc (Durham) DPhil (Oxon), QTS Physics
Mrs Taryn Zimmermann BA (Leeds) PGCE (Manchester) German, Spanish