BBC School Report

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

9AB English 

On Thursday 21 March, Mrs Evans-Jones’ 9AB English class (pictured with Mrs Evans-Jones) will be taking part in BBC School Report. School Report is run by the BBC every year, but this will be the first time Farnborough Hill has taken part. There are many different skills that we can learn from BBC School Report Day, including being able to create a formal piece of writing that we can read out to anyone confidently. We will also learn to produce and edit our reports and will be able to hold an interview with someone, balancing opinions for and against a subject. Throughout the term we will be learning all sorts of different skills: developing our listening and communication skills; working with IT to create the website and using cameras and radio technology for broadcasting our news.   As the radio station is one the school's facilities it should be interesting to find out how it all works and being able to go in there could be really exciting.

We are constantly watching the news which is really interesting as it gives you an idea of what is going on around the world each day, then in class we spend time discussing the skills of the journalists and features of the news broadcasts in order to improve our own news creation. It’s not just about finding news; it’s also about producing it in an interesting way and finding out other people’s views and opinions.

Our School Report will have its own website and news stories will be updated and renewed frequently throughout the term.  There are features allowing (moderated) comments and opinions to be shared so do check it out. We are currently practising our new skills during Year 11’s charity week for the charity “Plan – Because I Am A Girl” and we are excited to see our content being uploaded to our very own School Report website throughout the course of the week.

On School Report Day itself we will “go live” with our stories, including interviews with staff and pupils for our ‘A Day in the life of Farnborough Hill’ feature and an article about one family’s experiences of living with Down’s Syndrome. Interviews are currently being planned with some exciting people including our very own Alex Danson as well as the Captain of the England Girls’ Cricket Team, so there is always the chance that one of our stories will attract enough attention to make it on to one of the main BBC news reports of the day!

It is not just Farnborough Hill that is participating but over one thousand other schools as well. School Report is definitely something different from what we have ever done before and lets you see another side to English other than reading books and writing essays! It is a new opportunity for teenagers to learn more about journalism and maybe consider it as a job later on. This is an amazing opportunity and we are so excited to be involved in it. We cannot wait to start interviewing people and creating our news reports, and we are looking forward greatly to March 21.

Report by Hannah (9A), Megan (9A) & Kristen (9B)