House Talent Show

House Talent Show

On Friday, 9 February 2018, everyone gathered in the Hall to watch the eagerly anticipated ‘Farnborough Hill’s Got Talent’. Organised by Becket and Fisher Houses, this year’s annual talent show included something a bit different – a ‘lip sync’ challenge.

The show included 5 dancing and singing acts, and 5 ‘lip sync’ performances. Heads of Becket and Fisher Houses, Dr Quinnell and Mrs Winch-Johnson did a wonderful job of ensuring that the event was a success. The acts provided by each House were all utterly brilliant.  We tried to capture the talent on display and a few photos are now available using the link below.

The whole event was a team effort.  Thank you to everyone who took part with special thanks to the Heads of Houses, Mr Taylor and Mr Perkins for their technical support, Mrs Peilow for preparing the bonus staff act, Lottie and Katie who did stage and lighting, Mr Forrest-Biggs for his overall coordination of the event, Jess and Lucy who were MCs and in particular Lucy for organising all the music and practical issues.

House Talent Show Photo Gallery

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